Rush Pay — |
of online payments
Smooth and seamless payment system that brings your customers a whole new shopping experience.
We implemented the methods and technologies that have never been used before, that give you an opportunity to become a part of e-commerce future.
We work directly with your customer's account without complicated procedures, third parties, and unnecessary fees. Smart connection will increase your conversion.
We have made the onboarding process easier then before: just by relying on us, we will provide you all that needs to be done for quick and effective payments installation.
What we offer
More Customers
Convenient payment system to attract more clients
Fast Processing
Rush brings customer from the cart to the payment in 2 minutes
Global Experience
Payments are accepted all over the EU countries
Flawless System
Experienced team of developers keeping it working without bugs
24/7 Support
Ready to handle any issues and questions at any time
Flexible setting
System could be adjusted for your individual needs
People shop online, and they want to do it right now
A successful online shopping business is not only about good products, services, great deals, and thoughtful advertising. It's also about the mechanics of the buying process itself. Life is getting faster and the usual online payment mechanisms are becoming too cumbersome, inconvenient, and annoying. Users need it to be fast and convenient, they need their orders ASAP.

Your customers will love RUSH
We will provide you with a service that will enable your website visitors to do a checkout with a single click. One fingerprint or a glance at the camera — and the goods are already on their way to the customer's home.

You no longer have to think about how to properly store your customers' data: everything that is needed to make an order is already stored with us.
How It Works For The Customers
User puts his/her data to the account just once, now we have it
User chooses what he/she wants and click "Buy with RUSH" button
User provides his/her biometrical data and we recognise them
No more confirmation calls and emails: order is on its way
No hidden fees and incomprehensible conditions: we work transparently
Setting Up
— Contract signing
— API connection
For ever
Monthly Payment
— Dedicated maintenance
— Access to all functions
— 24/7 support
Per month
No matter the amount or in which currency
Per transaction
A frequently asked questions
More Information
If you have not found the answer to your question, write to us at
How could I connect my store to RUSH?
API to connect the Merchant to Rush Infrastructure to make a Transaction.
How do you get customer's data?
Fast Authentication API to connect login users and retrieve credentials.
How do you recognize a client?
Authentication based on biometrics.
How can I control and check orders?
Unique dashboard for merchants helps to track their transactions.
What about frauds?
Zero-fraud By design, To prevent any kind of fraud.
Is my client's data safe?
Secure By Design, Usage of strongest encryption methods to store and transfer data.
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
Pineapple Loft, 22 Pink Street, New York